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Hello, long time no see! It's been forever and a half since my last post and I swear school hasn't been nice this year *sad face*. I don't have anything substantial to post atm (but maybe a new community layout sometime soon? depending on how finals go), but it's been longer since I've post screencaps, and I get sporadic comments for reuploads and the links keep dying. So I uploaded them all again on three different servers in hopes that I can just keep everything organized in one place. The episode number links to the original post!

Episode 1 - (MediaFire) (Megaupload) (Sendspace)
Episode 2 - (MediaFire) (Megaupload) (Sendspace)
Episode 3 - (MediaFire) (Megaupload) (Sendspace)
Episode 4 - (MediaFire) (Megaupload) (Sendspace)
Episode 5 - (MediaFire) (Megaupload) (Sendspace)

Just to be clear, I will not be capping the rest of this series :)
And as always:

Please let me know if any links expire.
Please comment if you take.
No credit necessary. Edit to your heart's content.
thanks so much for re-upping these ^o^
now I finally have caps for nearly all the episodes~ <3