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... ijournal of Izzy and Amy ...

i.journal of Izzy and Amy
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___About Izzy ___About Amy

Previously titled _graphicx, Izzy relocated to fairylandicons in December of 2005.

Her subjects include Anime/Manga, Video Games, and Figure Skating icons.

xxx Credits/Resources

xxx animealphabet --> Tenipuri: General
xxx iconfiend100 --> Eve (Black Cat)
xxx iconfiend100 --> Roy/Ed (FMA) [D]
xxx musicon100 --> Ayumi Hamasaki
xxx vg100 --> Females (FFX2)

After closing her previous icon journal, Amy joined fairylandicons in January 2006.

Her icons primarily focused on Anime/Manga in the past, however, she also finds joy in Stock Images and anything to Asian Entertainment related. She also creates tutorials and provides screen captures.

xxx Credits/Resources
xxx Icon Awards

xxx 10variations --> Akanishi Jin
xxx 10variations --> Taguchi Juunosuke
xxx asiancon100 --> Dong Bang Shin Ki
xxx iconfiend100 --> Integra Hellsing (Hellsing) [D]

clampesque: boutique
crazyunderwear: tachyon_telos
desu_: notagimmick and rubyjuls
dried_elbows: legna_asehed & voiceless_scene
iconomatopoeia: akaii_hana & calen383 & infamouspink
lecheflantastic: invalidreality & chartre & falya_kun
madnesswithin: halffling & inevendim
oningyousan: suisaiga
memoirsicontest: Memoirs of a Geisha Icontest

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