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It's been awhile since I've made icons; school's been a killer ^^; In any case, here is a small post of pastry stock icons that I started last May but never got to finish. Prs to enjoy!

[10] Stock (Pastries! :3)

Resources: X X

Yummmm!Collapse )
[Ookiku Furikabutte]
- 09x - Icons
- 01x - FO Banner

Total: 10

9 icons + 1 fobannerCollapse )

Many thanks to the amazing Amy (everbliss) for putting up the beautiful new layout and keeping this community alive. ^.^~♥
Hello, long time no see! It's been forever and a half since my last post and I swear school hasn't been nice this year *sad face*. I don't have anything substantial to post atm (but maybe a new community layout sometime soon? depending on how finals go), but it's been longer since I've post screencaps, and I get sporadic comments for reuploads and the links keep dying. So I uploaded them all again on three different servers in hopes that I can just keep everything organized in one place. The episode number links to the original post!

Episode 1 - (MediaFire) (Megaupload) (Sendspace)
Episode 2 - (MediaFire) (Megaupload) (Sendspace)
Episode 3 - (MediaFire) (Megaupload) (Sendspace)
Episode 4 - (MediaFire) (Megaupload) (Sendspace)
Episode 5 - (MediaFire) (Megaupload) (Sendspace)

Just to be clear, I will not be capping the rest of this series :)
And as always:

Please let me know if any links expire.
Please comment if you take.
No credit necessary. Edit to your heart's content.
'sup all? I've added 10 icons to my asiancon100 DBSK challenge!

Themes: 007. Movement, 010. Holiday, 015. Laughing, 018. Daydreaming, 026. Perfect Moment, 027. Harmony, 036. Messy, 037. Cute, 047. Memory, 048. Past, Present & Future


Back to the original post here!
Sorry about the double post, but I didn't really want to post something irrelevant in the main 100 icon challenge page ^^;

Anyhow, just want to pimp out iconbrio, akaii_hana and my lovechild xD icon collaboration project! Prease to take a look around at our first icon post :)
[20] Stock Icons

Find the rest here!

Artist: everbliss
Subject: Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK/동방신기)
Theme(s): 007. Movement, 010. Holiday, 015. Laughing, 018. Daydreaming, 026. Perfect Moment, 027. Harmony, 036. Messy, 037. Cute, 047. Memory, 048. Past, Present & Future
Completed: 20/100
Resources: X X X X X

Don't hotlink. Comment. Credit. ♥.

Waiting for Rising SunCollapse )
Eight Pirates of the Caribbean icons using the At World's End promotion posters. These were all made with the similar style and colouring, but prease to enjoy anyway :)

[08] Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Resources: X X X X

Did no one come to save me just because they missed me?Collapse )
How to rid the image of excess yellow? Or any other color for that matter.
A Photoshop Tutorial (Made in CS)
(Before-After Preview)
Warning: image heavy and very wordy
I honestly can't think of a better subject line so I'll edit later when I think of a better name *fails*

Let's do this.Collapse )
I er, didn't feel like doing work earlier so I decided to make icons. I got a bit lazy and uncreative with the last few. And uh, ignore my weird way of naming the icons XD

[05] Fruit
[07] Tea
[12] Stock Total

Resources: X X

Going bananannnanananaaaas!!Collapse )
Last batch of old icons from last summer (except for the last six KAT-TUN ones, which I made Sunday night, actually) and then I'm going back to my miserable pace of not making icons. On another note, happy birthday Yunho from DBSK! Unfortunately, I don't have enough DBSK icons to make a decent batch otherwise I'd be posting those today. Enjoy~

[20] KAT-TUN
[02] Yamashita Tomohisa
[01] Nishikido Ryo
[01] Hidaeki Takizawa
[24] Total

Chiki chiki aah~Collapse )